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I think it is time to finally spill the beans on what has really happened at the Royal Wedding  in London last Friday. Only a few of you know that the whole broadcast on TV was just a plain Hoax. The real wedding actually took place on Saturday where no TV cameras were allowed. Luckily, I was invited and filmed the romantic and slightly different “walk down the aisle” with my cell phone…

Impressive huh? Who would have thought that the Queen could be so off-beat? After the ceremony there was a fancy reception and dinner at Chipotle‘s in London. Delicious. The After-party was epic and the big highlight of the entire wedding. Sorry guys, I can’t post any photos from the party as nobody is supposed to know Prince Charles and Victoria Beckham hit it off during the “Macarena” and that the Queen impressed everyone with her pole dancing acrobatics. I can only reveal a picture of Prince Harry and his future bride hanging out on the balcony… 😉

Note: This is just fiction. None of it has ever happened.

Long overdue but finally available…the summary of my London trip, which almost never happened as I was stuck on the train for over 5 hours thanks to suicide, vandalism and theft of train contact wire on my way to the airport. Thank God my flight was delayed otherwise i would not have made it to the airport in time. The flight had a total delay of 2,5 hours but thankfully Jess decided to entertain me via phone. Was actually nice to catch up again 😉

Susi was so nice to wait for me at the airport in London and we proceeded to our hotel together in the middle of the night. Funnily, the tubes close at a bit after midnight (on a FRIDAY!!!!) so we had to take a nightbus to our hotel which took longer than expected. I think we went to bed around 4 am or something.

Here are some pictures that summarize the quite legendary and very muscial trip.

the 2 princesses in front of Buckingham Palace

Susi and I on the bus

view from the Tate Modern balcony

on Tower Bridge

Thriller Live! An amazing show and homage to the King of Pop.

(At that point I thought this would be the only show we’re gonna see as I always thought Susi was not that into musicals/shows. But boy was I wrong 😉 )

The second after I saw the movie, I wanted to see the West-End production. I was so surprised or maybe even shocked that Susi agreed to go see it with me. There were 2 drag queens with leaflets running around on Leicester Square. Once you got a leaflet you automatically got a discount for the tickets to the show.

not knowing that this lovely “queen” was a member of the Priscilla West End cast

So our leaflet got us 2 premium seats for a third of the original price. I was so happy about that (and the fact that I was finally gonna see the show) that Susi decided to give me the ticket as a late bday gift. I was thrilled!!

happy Jule 🙂

Here’s the Trailer to the show:

Could see it again and again. Love the story, songs, characters, costumes and glitter!!!

Susi had a date with Harry Potter…but we missed the Hogwarts Express 😦

weird dude in the back wanted to be part of the group…

Tower bridge at night

And then the impossible happened….Susi was up to see a third show!!! She choose Wicked. And because awesome people only deserve awesome seats, we lined up for 2 of the 25-30 day seats the theater sells each morning on the day of the show. We were there a little after 8 am (the theater box office opened at 10!) and there were already a few people in front of us.

Never expected the line to be thaaaaaat long. Unfortunately not everybody was as lucky as we were and got front row seats for £25

After the show: jazzhand-high-five!!!

defying gravity…and preparing myself for the trip to Copenhagen

Bling-a-Ling and big thanks to Susi for that thrilling, priscilling and wicked time in London!

London calling

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I’m off to London now for a few days to celebrate a little reunion with Susi. So excited! Talk to you in a few days!