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Finally!! I saw it!! OH MY GOD!! This is the best movie ever! Ok it’s not a real “movie” but still…you know what I mean.


It was amazing to see the rehearsals for the concert…this concert would have been the best show ever performed by a human on this planet! The choreographies were amazing, the video sequences unbelievable, the technical and special effects just wow and the dancers hot!! ;)…They put so much sweat into the show!!! The videos they did for “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal” which would have been shown on big screens:INCREDIBLE!!!

“Smooth Criminal”

I also liked how the viewer could actually get a better picture of MJ himself. This footage was never meant to be seen by anyone as Michael just wanted to have it for his personal library. So you could actually see the real Michael.

He is funny!! And so … different from what I thought. I never thought that he would have a say in his show but man, he said what he didn’t like right away!I always thought he would be that shy guy who only talked when his management allowed him to.Boy was I wrong! I think it’s very sad that the world only got to know MJ better AFTER he died!

rehearsals “you make me feel”

After the movie a friend and I had a little debate if MJ is really dead or if he just faked it. He is somehow convinced MJ is not dead…but I don’t know. He would not do that to his children and family although is death was and still is a bit mysterious. I’ve always loved MJ and as a kid I was even in love with him (hey, that was loooooong ago…some 14 years or so or even longer)…anyways it’s so sad we lost such a great person and musican. He redefined music and dance and he was one of the few who knew what real entertainment is about!! R.I.P.

Drill “They Don’t Care About Us”

When I checked the news this morning I thought the world was kidding me!

“King of Pop dead!”

What the f***!?!! I still don’t know what to say or think…its unbelievable and I can’t find words for that. He is(was)such an icon I never even thought that he might die someday. So what happened? Heart failure? Or misuse of medications? I mean he did not look very healthy anyways and I was curious how his health would keep up with his comeback tour. I think now we know the answer! I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of Michael Jackson as a person…but as a musican he is unbeatable! His music is timeless and I think I will never get sick of it! Here’s one of my faves:

Another sad thing (at least sad for me)…today’s the 1 year anniversary of the murder/death of my little doggie!

I still miss him like crazy and he will always be in my heart and I hope he’s having a great time up there in doggie-heaven 🙂

I already put down some flowers on his grave:

R.I.P. beloved Rocky and invincible Michael