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I went to Rostock with my mom and sister yesterday for some Christmas shopping and to check out Rostock’s beautiful Christmas market, which is the biggest in northern Germany. Can’t remember the last time I have been there. I just love the smell of roasted almonds, chestnuts, glogg and gingerbread cookies…yummm!

welcome to the Christmas Market




Glühwein (glogg)


my faves: roasted almonds and candied apples


traditional Christmas stars

traditional Christmas pyramid

I love the pre-Christmas season, even though the shopping for the right Christmas presents gets more annoying each year.True story.


I went to Rostock yesterday to meet up with my cousin from England. She was there visiting some family and I took the chance to see her again. Last time I saw her was over 2 years ago (not counting a super short meeting I had with her on Monday). She was there with her daughter Cody(4) and son Lucca(1 month)…it was soooo great to see them again!!!

Don’t know when I will get the next chance to meet them as we’re hardly in the same country. I hope it’s vey soon though 🙂

But when I was on my way back home i noticed something terrible: I LOST MY iPOD!!!!! WAAAHH!!! I don’t know how and when it could have happened…but GRRRR!! I was so pissed yesterday…and still am! Now I’m on the hunt for a new one! And those precious things are still kinda expensive (at least for someone who needs money for so many things atm)…but I need to get a new one…I can’t survuve without one..can you?

Lucca and me