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Last weekend I did quite a spontanous roadtrip with 2 friends. Our destination was Turku which is about 1hour and 45 minutes west of Helsinki and located on the westcoast of Finland. I’ve been there once before.Well, just the harbor as I made a cruise to Stockholm from there…so I was quite excited to actually see more of Finland’s former capital than last time. The weather was quite nice(for Finnish standards lol) so we decided to have some ice cream. We found that little ice cream stand on the corner of some street and were kinda shocked when we paid…fucking 2,50€ for 1(!!!) scoop of ice cream! And it wasn’t even original Italian ice cream or Ben&Jerry’s. Fuckers!

CIMG3109yummy but def. not worth the price!

After calming down we went along the river Aurajoki which looked like a mix of Delfshaven in Rotterdam and Helsinki’s Ruoholahti 😉 There were lotsa boats which served as little bars/cafés. Very cute!

CIMG3168little Mermaid of Turku 😉

After having a cider/beer we continued our walk along the river and guess what I saw?? The “Black Pearl” (known from “Pirates of the Caribbean“)!!! Unfortunately, Captain Jack Sparrow wasn’t there as he had some business to take care of aka getting some more rum so the party could continue 😀

Black Pearl lolnice eh? 😉

Anyways, we continued our sightseeing tour and checked out the famous Suomen Joutsen and the medieval castle where I discovered something unbelievable…

door to Narniathe door to Narnia!!!!

It was locked though…so I couldn’t open it to check out what’s behind there. So we can just guess…the lion?the witch?the wardrobe??? 😉

I went to Habitare (furniture fair)last Friday. We went there with my strategies course(which i fucking hate by the way). The tickets were sponsored by Skanno and my university so I was fine with it as this meant no actual class but looking at some fancy furniture and listening to Skanno talking about their business strategies. And we looked quite important with our little name tags. Of course we checked out some furniture and I’m gonna show you the ugliest armchair I’ve ever seen:

ugliest armchair ever

it’s a prototype and gonna be like 5.000€

After the lecture(which was actually better than expected) we got invited to Skanno‘s V.I.P. room at the fair. V.I.P. room??!!? Yaahaa! It already looked fancy from the outside but from the inside it was even better. So we went in there and enjoyed some fancy fingerfood and one of the yummiest wines I’ve ever tasted! It was so good and there was even bling bling on some of the bottles! I immediately knew that this is where I belong! 😉

wineof course i took 2 glasses as I’ve heard that you’re supposed to drink 2 liters of liquid a day

musicianwe even had our own musician!

I had a hard time leaving that area but eventually I had to move on and checked out some other parts of the fair center(quite tipsy though lol).

ItallaIittala exhibition

I love Iittala and I’d love to have an entire collection one day!It looks so pretty and this is a proof that Finns actually do have pretty and innovative designs we Germans don’t have! 🙂

I was sniffing through Youtube one day last weekend and found something just amazing! I cannot describe it in words…I think I instantly fell in love with this one as soon as I heard the first tune! This arrangement is just completely insane but in a good way 🙂 I’ve always loved a-cappella and combined with Michael Jackson’s music it’s just ________! (please, fill in the blank!)

goosebumps?? I hope so! 🙂

I kinda kept a secret from you guys for almost a week now. Actually i wanted to tell you earlier but I was quite busy and when I had the chance to tell you I forgot about it again 😉

Sooo…what’s the big secret? Haha…Jule is gonna do some time-travelling in December just in time for Jenni’s birthday!

Where I’m going? Well, I will go about 8-9 years back in time…the time where a specific band ruled my and certainly a few other people’s world. What band I’m talking about? See picture below 😉


If I were 16, I would totally freak out right now…but I’m not,so I’ll just say “YAY”

I can’t believe I finally get to see them! I did not even know they were still doing music together!

Another thing: I was always certain that one Backstreet Boy was gay…my clue was always Howie. But guess what I found out the other day??He is not so gay after all!He is married(to a woman) and has a kid!  I can’t believe he has fooled me aaaaall those years…pah!!! So which one of them is gay now?? 😉

As my friend Henna is going to Madrid for a while to study she gave a little farewell party last Saturday. Yep, yep…another party that surely involved alcohol. Henna prepared some nice (and healthy)food and sangria (yum!) and we all enjoyed a great evening with laughter,songs,surprises and lotsa drinks 😉


Eventually we left for a club…and ended up in DTM. The line in front of the club was HUGE…and it was raining.Therefore I had a hard time waiting…my hair,helloooo?!?! So I just decided to walk past the line and the outdoor bouncers with a smile without paying the entrance fee of 8€. When I was inside I noticed that hot bouncer next to the cash desk thingy…he almost made me wanna go there and pay…just to get a stupid “Hello Kitty” stamp on my hand. But I could resist!!! But I couldn’t resist taking a picture of him…wasn’t that easy to take one without him noticing….

first trysecond try

he reminds me of somebody…just don’t know who it could be