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Apparently it is spring. This is what spring looks like in Ice Age this year:

yay snow!because we’ve only had snow for the last 6 months!

I really hope it will be gone soon!I sooo wanna see flowers and grass again! But I finally had time to distract myself a bit from the weather,work and uni and made a little trip to Wonderland this week!!

My personal Superhero 😉

I loooooooved it! Johnny Depp in 3D is just priceless! He looked a little scary as the mad hatter but whatever you may think now: I still think he’s hot.


That’s all. Back to work.

Even though I have been living up here in cold Finland for 2,5 years now the winter has never been this cold and we’ve never gotten that much snow. When I’m not freezing and complaining about the temperatures I am actually able to see the the pretty side of the winter:

pictures taken at work today

a look out of the office window

As my parents finally found the way to Finland (after 2,5 years of me living up here!) I thought I would do something special and take them to Tallinn, Estonia. I’ve never been there before either and thought it would be a great opportunity.

It only takes about 2 hours with the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. The ferry we took was called “Superstar”…what a coincidence 😉

a bit blurry but i hope u can see it

nice hat ‘eh?

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral in Tallinn…kinda reminded me of the great time in Russia

brrr it was cold!

me at my best!drinking Glögi

my mom and I

christmas market

Santa looking all weird ( i think he even was drunk!)

Tallinn is such a beautiful small city. Even though it was kinda cold it was great!!! Would like to go back there in the summer time!